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"Proud Sluts" Damaging Women's Rights?

"Proud Sluts" Damaging Women's Rights?

Are Proud Sluts Damaging Women's Rights?

It's been less than 100 years since women have been allowed to vote.  Let that sit for a minute.  And up until 1968, a landlord could LEGALLY not rent to a woman for NO other reason than she had a well, not to make it graphic, but vagina. 

Ya'll been in middle school at some point and you probably memorized that one little line in the constitution, "All Men Are Created Equal." Despite the fact that the 19th amendment enabled us to vote, there is nothing in the constitution or any legislation that guarantees a woman the same equal rights as a man. 

Here's some other quick facts you might not know about women's rights:

1. Women make $.78 to what men make

2. Only 17% of congress is made up of women

3. Up until 1974, a woman could not have a credit card in her own name.

4. Until 1978, a woman could be fired from her job for being pregnant. 

So yea, times have changed a bit but we're kind of this awkward, we want to be taken serious but we want to run rampant and do whatever we please phase. 

Counterproductive to women's rights?

With all the controversy surrounding slut shaming vs. women's rights to the fact that there's a substantial shot (love her or hate her) that a woman could legitimately be running the country in a few months, things sure have changed from the initial fight for the simple right to vote.  Which is still strange that there's a convo to be had about if we're "ready" for a woman president. 

Snow posted to her IG earlier today and the trail of comments ensued on both sides of the fence.  What do ya'll think?  Are we pushing the envelope a little too far? And sure, we all want the rights to do what we please with OUR bodies, but are these the same ethics and morals that you would wish to teach your own children?   



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  • Penny

    The whole ‘proud sluts’ phenomenon really aggravates me. Women who parade around half naked with expletives painted on their bodies are just being tacky and vulgar. Don’t they realize that men don’t interpret this as the embracing of normal sexuality, but as being ready for it anytime and anywhere? Men will justify future catcalling and violation by claiming they thought all women WANT to be sluts and are always willing to put out! And this slut movement marginalizes pretty much any woman who isn’t young, ambulatory and secular. That’s fine; as a Christian I wouldn’t care to identify as a slut. And these women aren’t helping the cause. Women who expect to be taken seriously, and respected, will have to carry themselves like they respect themselves. That’s just the way it is, and should be.

  • Svetlana Savachenko

    I am proud Slut!
    Ms. Ivana I not need Jesus, you may keep him.

  • Ivana

    I wanna be a part of your WOKE crew, I can help blog for y’all
    PS. The chicks who are “proud sluts” need Jesus.

  • Waldo

    I think if a slut is a slut shes a slut. But i dont like how the media is pushing for it to make everyone sluts.

  • tiny_naya

    First i know society changes but personally i think if you’re happy with who you are you won’t care about what anyone has to say about you. Making protest because girls get put down for how they are then i wonder where is the protest for the our rights being taken from us and where is the protest for equal pay??

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