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You don't wanna miss this!!  Tune in this Sunday at 5pm PST!  Last week, we were callin' mother fuckers! This week? We might call more!  You guys need advice? Last time we helped Matt as he struggled with the realization that he's boyfriend number 2.... to his homie's girl!?  Come ON MATT!!! 

So leave us your issues in the comment below! Maybe we'll give you a call! 

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  • Dana Dantouze

    I’m living in Canada and I desperately want your app but it’s not available in Canada ?? anyway, I love you snow, I’m tuning in this evening ?

  • cobey imeson

    hey snow wondering what i have to do to rap with you to create a song with you

  • Gabriel Gomez

    Hey snow So I have a question so I’m a amateur boxer and I would like to know if I could represent you guys with my boxing career and wear woke clothing for my fights and I am 17.

  • Tiara

    Hey Snow and what’s up to all the WOKES! So I’m 18 I graduated back in May of 2015, been going to school for Physical Therapy Technology and at first I decided I was going to take a year off and figure out what I’m going to do with my life but my parents are PUSHING me to be like my older sister. They put me in the same school that she went to, both high school and now college, I love what I’m doing, I’ve met a lot of cool people that have become family but even when I try my hardest to make them happy, it seems as if it’s never good enough. I am so different from my sister, I mean obviously I listen to your music and I’ve gotta say I think it’s fucking dope what you’re doing hope you continue it for years to come, but she (my sister) has a good job and my parents are expecting me to live with her for the rest of my life and get a job at the same place she works at. What advice can you give me by breaking the news to my parents that the life they want for me isn’t what I want? They raised me and I feel like I’m indebted to them somehow.

  • Carissa

    If you call me I would probably cry myself to sleep overwhelmed with joy.

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